Watch the curing process conveniently and from anywhere – via PC, tablet, or smartphone.

KRAFT CURING SYSTEMS can help with a new wireless transmitter system. This new technology includes a plant-wide mesh network using ISA 100.11 compliant wireless communication that safely and reliably transmits data from the field sensors to a wireless manager.

This then interfaces with your AutoCure® Control System or other controls to display and record the temperature and control your curing cycle. The operation of the wireless sensor system works with the AutoCure® Touch-Panel.

Rugged temperature sensors (NEMA 4X) powered by Lithium D batteries

5+ year battery life at two minute sensing intervals

1,000 ft / 305 meter line-of-sight range to wireless transmitter

Ability to integrate with existing controls

Temperature sensor can be either a RTD probe or thermocouple wire for internal concrete temperature measurement

V.2 is an industrial computer based professional solution to curing data accumulation, distribution and storage for company internal or product quality certification requirements. The unit is enabled to retrieve curing duration, temperature and relative humidity as well as equipment operation information and alarms.
The information is stored per curing cycle as PDF files and may be shared with any device that connects via Ethernet, including PCs and hand-held devices. The tamper-proof PDF files are custom designed and can include customer name and logo, as well as any number of custom designed details.

AutoCure® is proven off-the-shelf technology and in-house software development in order to meet the individual needs of the concrete industry’s diverse products, producers and certification authorities. Automating the curing process increases curing accuracy, repeatability, efficiency, concrete quality and consistency as well as saves money by preventing over-curing.

Whether your requirement is for simple on/off control with our entry level analog system, a combination of PID controllability with our economical Millennium controllers, complete curing visibility with our Siemens S7, color touch panels and curing software or complete mobility using our VaporWare V.2 internet solution for display of curing progress at any internet accessible computer or hand-held device: We are your partner for reliable, accurate and convenient concrete curing control.

New curing system for Western Materials, USA

For over sixty years, Western Materials has been dedicated to providing their customers with quality products including concrete architectural and hardscape products that they manufacture as well as other building materials.

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CalStar – exceeding expectations

Daily the world experiences the harmful effects of global warming, which is increased by industrial emissions, including those from the production of building materials.

 ... read more (PDF 980 KB)

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