bauma 2019 - Impressions from a great show

Setting up

Our team arrives in Munich.

BAUMA 2019 - KRAFT setting up 02

Setting up

Building the equipment on the terrasse begins.

BAUMA 2019 - KRAFT setting up 03

Setting up outside stand #1

We had only three days for setting up and building a Thermalcure® Unit, Curing Chamber, a Vapor Generator®, a Quadrix® unit, Valves and a Curing Tent - all pieces fully operational.

BAUMA 2019 - KRAFT setting up 04

Setting up outside stand #2

... Oh, and of course the new KRAFT RACK® with a curing chamber and a Quadrix® climate conditioning device.

BAUMA 2019 - KRAFT setting up 05

setting up - done!

... Finished and ready to rock'n roll!

BAUMA 2019 - KRAFT team arrives

the red vests arrive!

First morning of the BAUMA 2019 - the KRAFT team on their way to work.

BAUMA 2019 - KRAFT inside stand

welcome location

The KRAFT inside stand between halls B1 and B2

BAUMA 2019 - KRAFT CURING angels

curing angels

Our in-house service team had fun posing as the KRAFT version of Charlie's Angels: Stefanie, Megan and Luca.

BAUMA 2019 - KRAFT live vapor curing demonstration

vapor curing live!

Our sales manager Josef Hammerschmidt gives some customers a live vapor curing demonstration.

BAUMA 2019 - KRAFT vapor curing attraction

vapor attraction

The live vapor demonstrations on every full hour attracted visitors all through the show.

BAUMA 2019 - KRAFT animated discussions

spirited discussions

BAUMA 2019 was again THE occasion for animated discussions about curing issues. Many of our visitors came to get a first-hand experience from our curing professionals (like our veteran service engineer Johannes Knurbein).

BAUMA 2019 - KRAFT barista team

great coffee - and a smile!

The team from Barista Express spoiled us with the best coffee in the world (and other drinks, food and sweets, of course)  - Luana, Tony and Katja.

BAUMA 2019 - KRAFT coffee with logo


Everything had to have a logo - really EVERYTHING?

BAUMA 2019 - KRAFT Thermalcure Container

containerized solution

Just like we do it for our customers: Containerized solutions become more and more popular among our customers (does not need space in the hall, is installed in a matter of hours, can easily be moved). On our BAUMA stand we presented a fully equipped and fully functional Thermalcure container, just like we would do it for our customers.

BAUMA 2019 - Michael KRAFT explains Concrete Curing

insights from the boss

Michael Kraft, explaining the process and benefits of controlled concrete curing to an audience of visitors.

BAUMA 2019 - KRAFT RACK w Chamber and Quadrix

the best curing rack in the world

Publicly accessible for the first time during BAUMA: A tiny version of the new KRAFT RACK, the first true curing rack in the world, in a fully functional curing climate chamber with our famous QUADRIX heating/humidifying system. Visitors could walk in and feel and experience the perfect curing climate themselves: 38ºC, 98% humidity - and everything was dry!

BAUMA 2019 - KRAFT deal w South Korea

concrete contracts

We were happy to welcome visitors from all over the world - and to sign contracts with them, like in this case a customer from South Korea.

BAUMA 2019 - KRAFT visitors observe vapor demonstration

vapor spectators

Our curing tent with the two Vapor Diffusers called "Turtles" kept being one of the sights to see at the BAUMA.

BAUMA 2019 - KRAFT Vapor Generator and Curing Tent

economical, fast and simple

They are KRAFT's "successful couple": Our Vapor Generator and Curing Tent are the most economical solution to start with controlled concrete curing: Quick set-up, simple and economical operation, convincing results.

BAUMA 2019 - KRAFT Thermalcure explained

thermalcure explained

Mark Kraft explains the operation and benefits of a Thermalcure® system to a customer.

BAUMA 2019 - KRAFT Thermalcure fin-tube radiators

Fin Tube radiators

In the Thermalcure® system, fin tube radiators are placed under a mould or tilting table and cure with radiate heat.

BAUMA 2019 - KRAFT T-REX sold

T-REx sold

BAUMA is typically an exhibition rather than a sales show. Nevertheless, some customers managed to make a bargain at the KRAFT stand, like this T-REX granulate dispenser for block and paver production.

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