QUADRIX® accelerates the curing process through the controlled addition of heat and humidity. This guarantees a continually uniform environment for curing. The system allows high air volumes at a low flow rate. The result is an improved, smooth surface.

The rack is enclosed with insulated sandwich panels in order to reduce heat loss. Drawings and Bills of Materials supplied by KRAFT allow our clients a foolproof do-it-yourself solution for chamber insulation.

The Quadrix® system prevents fog and condensation on chamber surfaces even at 35 °C (100 °F) and 90 % relative
humidity. This prevents disruption of safety beams or control lasers and corrosion of the steelwork.

Our Quadrix® unit is manufactured of stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized materials. Dual high performance radial ventilators provide high volume air circulation, while the 94% efficient heat exchanger is designed for efficiency and durability.

Our AutoFog® misting system humidifies the air with finely sized atomized water particles in order to increase the relative humidity. The water is filtered, softened and disinfected via ultraviolet light.

Our custom designed air distribution duct system with 100s of air supply outlets and air return inlets guarantees a consistent curing climate throughout the curing chamber while ensuring low air velocity.

Our AutoCure® curing control system with 9” color touch screen allows for independent measurement, indication, control, real-time graphing and, optionally, data logging of curing temperature and humidity. Curing Temperature and relative humidity are measured via sensors distributed throughout the chamber.

Our custom designed exhaust system with electrically actuated damper (in order to prevent heat loss when not in
operation) operates in order to reduce humidity.

Custom designed chamber entry and exit exhaust hoods prevent warm moist air from escaping into the production area. The hoods are heated in order to prevent condensation from forming and dripping onto the fresh concrete products.

consistent curing temperature equal to +/- 1 °C

and relative humidity equal to +/- 3 %

with an air velocity ≤ 1 m/s

curing climate controllable per production requirements

significantly reduced hardening duration, less breakage

consistent colors, a substantially reduced risk of efflorescence

no condensation on chamber surfaces

approximate 10% cement reduction with less racks and production pallets


Suitable for all curing systems, insulated chambers reduce energy costs by 50% and prevent condensation.


Curing racks for the storage of concrete products during the hardening and curing process.


Fully automatic system thaws and heats frozen aggregates for winter operation.


Measures and controls the curing temperature and relative humidity for a fully-automated and repeatable curing process.


The economical air circulation solution utilizes the heat from cement hydration and moisture from the concrete.


KRAFT CURING offers reliable quality of equipment to impove concret quality while saving money.


Controlled addition of heat, humidity and carbon-dioxide for the accelerated curing of concrete block, block paving and cast stone products in insulated enclosures.


Paving Stone Production At Its Best

“32 °C and 98% rH and everything remains dry!”
The four components of the QUADRIX® accelerated concrete curing system – the optimal curing chamber insulation, low velocity air circulation, control of curing temperature and relative humidity eliminates issues with condensation and guarantees a constantly consistent high early strength.

Benefits of the inovative QUADRIX® Curing Technology

For producers of concrete pavers and blocks, switching to a Single Atmsophere Curing Chamber (Big Room) offer substantial benefits. A factual, indepth and informative dissertation, written for the Dublin Institute of Technology, provides the hard facts.

... read the Summary PDF Article (3,236 KB)

... download the complete thesis (3,593 KB)

Quality increase and cost reduction by controlled concrete curing conditions

The goal of every producer must be to produce the lowest
cost product, available within 24 hours, with consistent and bright colors, without efflorescence and without damage to corners and edges.

... read more (PDF 968 KB)

Heinrich & Bock rely on controlled concrete curing

KRAFT’s challenge in the Wittenheim plant, which Heinrich & Bock had owned since 1998, was to create a consistent day-to-day climate in the large volume chamber throughout the year in order to achieve consistent early strength and product quality.

... read more (PDF 707 KB)

Quadrix® concrete curing systems integrated into 7 existing concrete block paving plants

In the early summer of 2013 a well-known concrete block manufacturer from Central Europe ordered seven Quadrix® II concrete curing systems from the German company KRAFT CURING SYSTEMS. The newly developed Quadrix® II from KRAFT ranks among the highest quality and most effective concrete curing systems worldwide.

... read more (PDF 511 KB)

Accelerated concrete hardening system ensures consistent climatic conditions in a single atmosphere chamber throughout the year

"The impossible has become possible – now we can produce in three shifts." Those were the words of the regional director for production, Mr. Paweł Bruź, following the commissioning of the KRAFT CURING Quadrix® System in the Libet S.A plant in Kalisz, Poland.

... read more (PDF 380 KB)

Consistent colors, efflorescence prevention and cost reduction

“An Unexpected Solution”, this is the comment from Superbet owner Josef Zawadzki when discussing his experience with his installation this year of KRAFT CURING’s Quadrix® Accelerated Concrete Curing System. Started in 1983, Superbet is a small to mid-sized company operating with highly efficient production equipment.

... read more (PDF 860 KB)

Concrete curing environment for architectural and landscaping products at Northfield Block

In 2005, Northfield Block began construction of a big board plant on a “green-field site in Morris, IL designed to specialize in high-end landscape products. The management team required a curing system and curing chamber that would fit into their quality-driven approach of manufacturing value-added concrete products.

... read more (PDF 496 KB)

Kilsaran Group invests in new curing technology

To keep up with market demand for high quality products, Kilsaran Group (located in Dublin, Ireland) opted for KRAFT’s Quadrix® Accelerated Concrete Curing Systems to get the job done. KRAFT specially designed two curing systems, providing high early strength that matched that of three week, air cured concrete.

... read more (PDF 1,220 KB)

Reaching higher quality standards through curing

“With CityStoneDesign, we emphasize new exciting products as well as product quality through extraordinary aesthetics paired with technological excellence and functionality”, says Peter Bozek, CityStoneDesign Project Manager for Europe with current locations in Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

... read more (PDF 584 KB)

Concrete curing system installed during operation

On the occasion of the anniversary, the company Bruk Bet expanded their paving block production facility at the location in Kielce by a concrete curing system. With this step the company intends to ensure the high quality and wide variety of designs.

... read more (PDF 939 KB)

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