reinvented curing rack

“Made in Germany” curing rack with computer-optimised design and integrated curing climate control

“Concrete should be cured, not dried.” Kraft, located in Lindern in Lower Saxony, have consistently followed this principle for over 25 years and committed their complete product and service portfolio to the goal of higher quality concrete products. During this time, Kraft Curing Systems have gained a worldwide reputation for stressing high value equipment and increased concrete quality. Factors such as high early strength, dense surfaces, in-line secondary processing, strong and uniform colours and a reduction in cement and admixture costs, all speak for Kraft. Depending on the concrete product, from precast and pipe to concrete hardscape products, the company offers curing systems specifically designed for the concrete product and the production parameters to attain the above listed benefits during the curing process. Indeed, “concrete dries out later of its own accord but can only be cured in the right climate,” emphasises managing director Michael Kraft.

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