Prioritized Coordination of Engineering and Production Departments to Slash Delivery Time

The Kraft Curing team quickly rolled up their sleeves after receiving this rush order from the USA for a 94% efficient 1400 kWh ThermalCure hydronic heating system for the accelerated curing of 2 each 80 m and 1 each 65 m prestress concrete beds with reserve capacity for future production capacity expansion. 

The design, fabrication and testing of the be-spoke palletized heating unit, AutoCure controls and the complete 100°C heat pipe distribution system, including 600 m of insulated supply and return pipe was completed within 6 weeks from date of order. 2,700 m of ribbed pipe for installation under the beds is supplied from the USA.

Actually, quick turn-around projects with ultra-short deadlines are becoming more the rule than the exception for Kraft Curing Systems GmbH. In perfect harmony, the engineering department and workshop mastered this challenge by prioritizing long lead components, fabrication drawings and manufacturing so that the project was being fabricated before all drawings were completed.

Precision work during the planning and production of the piping, and especially during loading into the sea container – with only centimeters to spare, demanded the full attention of all departments. 

On-site activity will require similarly precise timing and coordination in order to complete the project and be operational per the client’s fast-track schedule. 

Kraft Curing is your trusted concrete curing system supplier when the project schedule is critical and the project quality is not an option. Contact us for your project needs.