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Kraft Curing

没有混凝土,今天的世界将大不相同。作为一种建筑材料,混凝土代表着增长、稳定,以及生活的品质。KRAFT CURING为受控混凝土硬化提供一系列养护技术和设备。我们的系统能精准地计算热量和湿度,全面掌控混凝土养护的全过程。因此,我们不仅能提供效果卓越的解决方案,更稳定便捷、性价比优良的制造方法,还能大大简化工作流程。

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Michael Kraft / 总经理

The company

Kraft Curing

Our vision

Vapor curing systems were advanced by KRAFT in the early 1990s in Northern America resulting in a reduction in energy costs associated with curing concrete using a boiler by up to 60%. In the mid 1990s KRAFT introduced the direct-fired vapor technology to Europe where it was further developed and introduced to the global concrete industry.


We will manufacture the highest quality concrete curing systems available worldwide.
We will provide exceptional service before the sale, during installation and commissioning and throughout the life of the system.
We strive to make innovations to the concrete production process that will positively affect the final cured product.


We are responsible to our stakeholders: valued customers, employees, suppliers, agents and investors as well as to our community and the environment. We believe that ethics, passion, respect, hard work, quality, value and prudence are characteristics of a successful organization and we strive to be that successful organization.

Custom Concrete Curing Solutions

Kraft Curing

Custom concrete curing system design is particularly important to us because we know: concrete producers are individualists. Our understanding of the chemical process known as hydration and the affect of heat and humidity on this process enables us to develop individual solutions that are tailored to the needs of our customers. And with success: throughout our history we have installed over 1,000 concrete curing systems around the world – each one as unique as our customers!

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A new century



By 2005 curing systems capable of operating at far lower humidity than vapor or even offering drying capabilities became very popular for curing concrete pavers, roof tiles, precast and prestress architectural walls. The popularity of the KRAFT QUADRIX®, CONVECT-AIR® and THERMALCURE® systems coupled with a high level of construction led to an enormous surge in activity in the field of concrete curing.


2009 marked the year in which KRAFT completed its largest curing project to date with the completion of the curing facilities for the manufacturing of the cement-coated natural gas supply submarine pipeline in the Baltic Sea, now operating and known as Nord Stream.


In 2013 KRAFT again advanced the area of concrete curing in two ways. First, the introduction of the QUADRIX® II concrete curing system at BAUMA provides the most consistent curing environment available in the industry today while concurrently reducing air velocity in the curing environment. Second, the introduction of a DIY air circulation system in order to provide an economically attainable air circulation for higher quality concrete in regions around the World that are currently developing markets for decorative concrete products


2013 also saw KRAFT CURING SYSTEMS expand its scope of supply by incorporating a line of flexible retractable curing enclosures for precast, prestress concrete elements and concrete pipe as well as its own line of curing racks for the storage of concrete blocks, pavers and curbs during the curing process. The addition of these products allowed KRAFT to better control the design, quality, supply and installation aspects of these product lines. KRAFT CURING’s design approach of both the retractable curing enclosures and curing racks incorporated successful features of existing designs with experience gained on the curing process side while eliminating complexity and unnecessary cost.

Ever wonder

... how exactly we design and manufacture curing systems at KRAFT CURING?

Fearless reporter Dennis pays a visit to KRAFT CURING in Lindern, Germany. What he finds will surely interest you – bespoke designed and assembled equipment. And another interesting fact: Concrete doesn’t dry, it hardens!

KRAFT CURING is focused on three strategic goals:

Recent Developments

Strategie #1

In order to maintain our high level of growth; hire technicians, engineers and professional management as well as provide additional skills training to our employees in order to continue providing professional project management, installation and after sales customer service to our valued customers.

Strategie #2
Focus on the internet, disruptive technology and frugal innovation in order to better serve emerging economies investing heavily in infrastructure;
Strategie #3
Add new complimentary products and services that align with our core, vision, mission and values in order to better serve the needs of the international precast concrete industry.