Customized Concrete Curing Solutions: German Technology meets Indian Innovation

Benefits of Kraft® Vapor Curing

Eco Stone Precast Infra., a concrete block manufacturer located in Rajasthan, relied on Kraft Curing to revolutionize their curing process. Implementing the Kraft® Vapor Generator allows for accelerated strength gain and results in a more efficient and speedy production process. Product can now be dispatched next day after manufacture. The vapor curing process has ensured harder edges and corners, reduced breakage, and diminished efflorescence for Eco Stone Precast Infra.‘s concrete blocks. 

The customer-supplied curing chamber houses 5 independent curing zones, built to Kraft‘s design drawings, promising efficient vapor curing with 50% lower operating costs. 

 The KC 10-1S, a 300-kWh non-IBR Vapor Generator, ensures precise, automatic temperature control and instant vapor distribution, resulting in efficiently cured concrete blocks at temperatures up to 50°C and 99% humidity.  

Eco Stone Precast Infra., with Kraft Curing‘s design and engineering assistance, supplied the vapor distribution piping and the curing chamber locally. This not only reduced project capital costs but also minimized dependence on imported materials.