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Technologies for efficient and accelerated concrete curing

How the Vapor System Can be Used to Accelerate the Curing of Box Culverts in South Korea

For our customer KC Industry, a leading producer of precast concrete elements in South Korea, Kraft Curing provided a KC 80-VS Vapor Generator.

A Look at the 2022 BAUMA

A look back at the 2022 Bauma in Munich, Germany.

Karl Doubles his Block Production with a Kraft Vapor Generator

Karl is a block producer. The demand for blocks is rising quickly and Karl‘s curing chambers do not have the capacity for more production, leaving him unable to meet demands. That is until Karl finds out about Kraft Curing Systems’ Vapor Generator!

Save Energy with our ThermalCure® or Convect-Air® System!

Say goodbye to wasting energy! Save up to 50% on energy costs with our Convect-Air® or ThermalCure® Systems, depending on which concrete products you manufacture!

Peace of Mind with Match-Cure Quality Control System

Measure, monitor, manage and verify the de-tensioning and demoulding strength of critical concrete elements with Match-Cure!

Steam Boiler vs. Vapor Generator

Traditionally, steam is produced by boiling water in a boiler or in a pressure vessel. But this has many disadvantages. Our solution: the Kraft Vapor Generator! See how real VAPOR is produced.

Applications of the Vapor Generator

We work with concrete producers worldwide to supply curing solutions designed with individual customer requirements in mind. Vapor Curing, featured in this video, is an example of one such solution.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We follow a very clear goal when we develop our systems: They have to function perfectly, no matter how demanding the conditions of the concrete block production are.


For storage during the curing process—the space-saving solution for any curing application and for heavy loads.

Roller system for tarpaulins

The TARP ROLLER from KRAFT CURING cleanly and reliably covers long precast and prestressed concrete beds, reducing the heat loss.

Vapor curing speeds up the setting process

Improve the concrete quality with the controlled addition of heat and humidity.

Maintenance, upkeep and service

KRAFT CURING offers complete service: when building and commissioning the system and throughout the entire life of the system.

The KRAFT world

An attractive and atmospheric presentation for bauma 2016 in Munich.

Save time and money with KRAFT CURING

Find out what really matters in concrete curing and how the solutions from KRAFT CURING positively influence quality and economic viability.

Retractable tents for the fast concrete curing of precast concrete parts on site.

Close tent

Retractable tents for the fast concrete curing of precast concrete parts on site.

Open tent

KRAFT CURING SYSTEMS at the Precast Show 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Follow the simple and fast setup of a mobile tent in a time lapse.