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Concrete Block Paving

Concrete Block Paving


More than functional – beautiful!
In public spaces and at home we encounter paving and curbs at every step. Above being the preferred aesthetic solution, block paving plays an important safety role as well as being ecologically friendly due to its drainage properties.

KRAFT CURING curing systems guarantee an optimal accelerated curing environment through consistent control of curing temperature and humidity. Less breakage, uniform colors, and reduced efflorescence – KRAFT quality is worth it!

Products for Concrete Block Paving

Kraft Curing


Precise control of air flow, temperature and humidity in a single atmosphere chamber provides constant consistency and reduces costs.


The economical air circulation solution utilizes the heat from cement hydration and moisture from the concrete.

Nautilus™ D.I.Y. Kit

KRAFT CURING offers reliable quality of equipment to improve concrete quality while saving money.


Controlled heat addition and constant air circulation suited for higher temperature curing and drying.

Vapor Curing I

Controlled addition of heat, humidity and carbon-dioxide for the accelerated curing of concrete block, block paving and cast stone products in insulated enclosures.

Supplementary Products for Concrete Block Paving

Kraft Curing

Kraft® Racks

Curing racks for the storage of concrete products during the hardening and curing process.

Insulated Curing Chambers

Suitable for all curing systems, insulated chambers reduce energy costs by 50% and prevent condensation.

Kraft T-Rex

The smart solution for layer-by-layer protection of concrete products: The KRAFT T-REX granulate dispenser uses any granulate to separate the different layers of concrete products reliably, quickly and cost-effectively.