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Precast Concrete Walls and Ceilings

Precast Concrete Walls and Ceilings


Materials for the home builder!

Precast concrete elements provide the consistency and quality found only in factory production systems, offer years of service and provide an economical construction solution.

In addition to vapor, steam, hot water radiation and hot air convection curing systems, KRAFT CURING offers ideal curing enclosures, including retractable tents, insulated chambers and tarp rollers to achieve the highest quality.

Products for Precast Concrete Walls and Ceilings

Kraft Curing


Radiant heat ensures constant temperatures without condensation and no interference of the production process.


Controlled heat addition and constant air circulation suited for higher temperature curing and drying.

Vapor Curing III

Controlled addition of heat and humidity for the accelerated curing of precast and prestress concrete products.

Supplementary Products for Precast Concrete Walls and Ceilings

Kraft Curing

Insulated Curing Chambers

Suitable for all curing systems, insulated chambers reduce energy costs by 50% and prevent condensation.

Tarp Roller

A tarp cart on wheels or tracks and tarp roller cartridges provide an efficient, effective and durable solution to standard curing covers.

Concrete Curing Tents

A quick, simple and reliable solution for covering precast concrete products during curing; either inside or outdoors.