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Wet Cast Concrete

Wet Cast Concrete


A product that leaves nothing to the imagination!

The nature and flow of wet cast concrete, it creates the ability for a large amount of surface detail and makes unique products possible! Curvy shapes, unique surfaces, or unusual structures allow for individual design preferences.

KRAFT CURING curing systems improve the look and the quality of the final product through precise control of air circulation, temperature, and humidity

Products for Wet Cast Concrete

Kraft Curing


Precise control of air flow, temperature and humidity in a single atmosphere chamber provides constant consistency and reduces costs.

Nautilus™ D.I.Y. Kit

KRAFT CURING offers reliable quality of equipment to improve concrete quality while saving money.


Controlled heat addition and constant air circulation suited for higher temperature curing and drying.

Vapor Curing I

Controlled addition of heat, humidity and carbon-dioxide for the accelerated curing of concrete block, block paving and cast stone products in insulated enclosures.


The economical air circulation solution utilizes the heat from cement hydration and moisture from the concrete.

Supplementary Products for Wet Cast Concrete

Kraft Curing

Insulated Curing Chambers

Suitable for all curing systems, insulated chambers reduce energy costs by 50% and prevent condensation.