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Vapor Curing II

Vapor Curing II

VAPOR curing concrete pipe and precast

A direct-fired vapor generator in conjunction with temperature sensor(s) and motorized vapor control valve(s) accelerates concrete strength gain and increases concrete quality through the controlled addition of heat and humidity. Vapor generators are available in many outputs and heating specifications and burn natural gas or propane.


Vapor Curing II

  • Function 1

    Vapor Curing II

    When compared to a boiler, the direct-fired vapor generator reduces operating costs by 40% to 60%. The vapor generator requires minimal space and operates at low pressure with propane or natural gas.

  • Function 2

    Vapor Curing II

    AutoCure automatically measures and controls the curing environment. All curing data and operating status is displayed on a color display.

  • Function 3

    Vapor Curing II

    Wireless temperature and/or humidity sensors or sensors with quick-disconnects allow for flexible operation, for example, with retractable curing enclosures.

  • Function 4

    Vapor Curing II

    In conjunction with AutoCure , the stainless steel vapor control valve provides for full automatic control of the curing process. The design and the “fit-for-purpose” materials ensure a long life and simplified maintenance.

  • Function 5

    Vapor Curing II

    A project customized vapor distribution system fabricated of carbon and/or stainless steel pipe or, as in the picture left, of heavy-duty steel reinforced hose and stainless steel diffusers provide for the consistent distribution of heat and moisture.

  • Function 6

    Vapor Curing II

    Axial air circulation ventilation is an effective and economical solution for the consistent distribution of heat and humidity within curing enclosures.

Supplementary Products for Vapor Curing II

Kraft Curing

Hot rocks®

Fully automatic system thaws and heats frozen aggregates for winter operation.

Kraft racks

Curing racks for the storage of concrete products during the hardening and curing process.

Insulated curing chambers

Suitable for all curing systems, insulated chambers reduce energy costs by 50% and prevent condensation.

Tarp Roller

A tarp cart on wheels or tracks and tarp roller cartridges provide an efficient, effective and durable solution to standard curing covers.

Concrete curing tents

A quick, simple and reliable solution for covering precast concrete products during curing; either inside or outdoors.


Measures and controls the curing temperature and relative humidity for a fully-automated and repeatable curing process.


Vapor Curing II


vapor curing accelerates the concrete hardening process


higher concrete quality through the controlled addition of heat and humidity


rugged, dependable and durable equipment


98% operating efficiency


fully automatic and low pressure operation


water-cooled 304L stainless steel combustion chamber


harder bells and spigots, less breakage


60% lower operating cost than a steam boiler


small footprint, simple and safe to operate


8-12 hour hardening duration for concrete pipe, 4-8 hour hardening duration for precast concrete


curing temperatures from 35 °C (95 °F) to 80 °C (180 °F)


platinum lifetime combustion chamber warranty


Vapor Curing II


Vapor Curing II


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