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Prestressed Concrete

Prestressed Concrete


Well hardened for compressive and flexural strength!
Prestressed concrete provides the best of both worlds – high load capacity and flexibility – thanks to the combination of concrete and prestressing steel. Whether incorporated in bridge design, elevated public transport systems, for parking garages, in commercial centers or residential developments, prestress concrete elements provide mankind with a safe, durable and economic structural solution.

KRAFT CURING accelerated concrete curing systems ensure the economical hardening of hollow-core in 8 to 10 hours and bridge beams in 16 to 18 hours. Economic and cost-cutting!

Products for Prestressed Concrete

Kraft Curing


Radiant heat ensures constant temperatures without condensation and no interference of the production process.

Supplementary Products for Prestressed Concrete

Kraft Curing

Tarp Roller

A tarp cart on wheels or tracks and tarp roller cartridges provide an efficient, effective and durable solution to standard curing covers.

Concrete Curing Tents

A quick, simple and reliable solution for covering precast concrete products during curing; either inside or outdoors.