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Quality Control System

MATCH-CURE allows you to keep an eye on the quality of your concrete elements and make sure they reach the required degree of strength in order to allow for the earliest possible detensioning or demoulding.



  • Function 1


    TEST CYLINDERS filled with fresh concrete taken from the same batch used to produce the concrete element, are placed into the Match-Cure insulated enclosure. AutoCure® measures and controls the test cylinder temperature via a sensor and heater (optional cooler) in the enclosure inside the laboratory; accurately duplicating the temperature of the concrete element outside.

  • Function 2


    SENSORS – It is necessary to measure the temperature of the concrete or the concrete curing environment using temperature sensors. Also available are combination temperature sensors with equally important integrated relative humidity probes to measure the relative humidity of the concrete curing environment. We can provide these sensors wired or WIRELESS! Find more information on the sensors here: Datasheet Sensors

  • Function 3


    TEMPERATURE DATA from both the concrete element and the test cylinder is/are transmitted to the AutoCure® control system and compared to one another. If the temperature of the concrete elements is greater than that of the test cylinder, the heating system in the enclosure is activated in order to “match” the concrete element temperature.

  • Function 4


    EXHAUST VENTILATOR – Should the temperature of the concrete element fall below the temperature of the test cylinder (due to an abrupt decrease in the ambient temperature or as a result of the curing cover being blown away due to wind), an exhaust ventilator in the insulated match-cure enclosure is activated to reduce the temperature.

  • Function 5


    COOLING SYSTEM (optional) – In colder regions, where concrete elements may tend to have a lower temperature, an optional cooling system provides for a more controlled temperature reduction (down to 5°C or 40°F) in the enclosure. An unexpected cooling event may trigger an alarm, warning the user about the drop in temperature. This alarm is also available remotely (to a smart divide or PC) with the Access Anywhere option (see next function slide).

  • Function 6


    ACCESS ANYWHERE – Monitor the curing process conveniently and remotely: ACCESS ANYWHERE allows quality control/management personnel to remotely monitor the concrete curing process of both the concrete elements and the cylinder from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Function 7


    AUTOCURE® CONTROL – In addition to managing the operation of the Match-Cure system, AutoCure® may be used to control the operation of your Vapor Generator, ThermalCure® System, boiler or other heating source.

  • Function 8


    VAPORWARE V2® (optional) – For optimal control we recommend our compact VAPORWARE V2® quality management system, which measures, records, stores and prints all climatic curing data independently of a computer. The interface can be personalised by adding your own logo as well as the date, concrete batch number, element description and number, etc.!
    Datasheet VaporWare V2®

  • Function 9


    STORAGE RACKS for Match-Cure enclosures are also available.




Peace of Mind with Match-Cure Quality Control System

Measure, monitor, manage and verify the de-tensioning and demoulding strength of critical concrete elements with Match-Cure!




Peace of mind – know when your concrete has the strength to detention or demould without breakage – due to accuracy of the provided data


An accessible way of controlling concrete curing quality – overall quality is easier to check by way of the test cylinders


Temperature sensors can be either RTD probes or thermocouple wires for internal concrete temperature measurement in both cylinders and concrete elements


Accurate and remote temperature measurement and detection with wireless temperature sensors and transmitters with 5-year battery life


Precisely matched temperature with internal electric heater heating up to 160°F and optional cooler in Match Cure chamber cooling down to 40°F


Easy integration and optimal control with optional complementary quality management systems VaporWare V2, for data logging, and Access Anywhere, for remote access to your curing data


Works together with AutoCure® Control System via USB input signal from wireless receiver in order to adjust the temperature of the enclosure


Kraft Curing

Vapor Curing III

Controlled addition of heat and humidity for the accelerated curing of precast and prestress concrete products.


Measures and controls the curing temperature and relative humidity for a fully-automated and repeatable curing process.


Radiant heat ensures constant temperatures without condensation and no interference of the production process.

Concrete Curing Tents

A quick, simple and reliable solution for covering precast concrete products during curing; either inside or outdoors.

Tarp Roller

A tarp cart on wheels or tracks and tarp roller cartridges provide an efficient, effective and durable solution to standard curing covers.


Controlled heat addition and constant air circulation suited for higher temperature curing and drying.

Insulated Curing Chambers

Suitable for all curing systems, insulated chambers reduce energy costs by 50% and prevent condensation.




Direct-fired vapor for concrete curing

Vapor is used in the precast concrete industry for the accelerated curing of precast products including concrete pipe, prestressed structural concrete, concrete block, ornamentel concrete, cast stone, and assorted precast...Read More



Match-Cure Datasheet

Match-Cure Datasheet



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