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Concrete Bridge Segments

Concrete Bridge Segments


Connecting continents – segmental bridges!

Post-tensioned precast concrete segmental bridge elements, designed to carry heavy loads, withstand the weather and provide a lifetime of service.

KRAFT CURING provides accelerated curing systems for bridge segments four meters long and 20 meters wide in retractable tents with steam. The perfect solution for controlled curing of large precast concrete parts.

Products for Concrete Bridge Segments

Kraft Curing

Vapor Curing I

Controlled addition of heat, humidity and carbon-dioxide for the accelerated curing of concrete block, block paving and cast stone products in insulated enclosures.

Vapor Curing III

Controlled addition of heat and humidity for the accelerated curing of precast and prestress concrete products.

Supplementary Products for Concrete Bridge Segments

Kraft Curing

Concrete Curing Tents

A quick, simple and reliable solution for covering precast concrete products during curing; either inside or outdoors.