quadrix system

Everything shines new!

This valued customer in Poland just took delivery a complete QUADRIX® curing package. This includes our QUADRIX® air-heating and circulation unit, AutoCure® curing controls, AutoFog® moisture addition system and galvanized air circulation ducting, heated air curtains, circulation ventilators for the transfer car area, and an exhaust ventilator. The complete system was installed by the Kraft team at the request of the customer.

From commissioning planned for early next year, concrete blocks and pavers will be cured in an insulated curing chamber with the integrated QUADRIX® system. Through the carefully controlled addition of heat and moisture, the QUADRIX® system ensures a completely homogenous curing climate perfect for the accelerated and proper hardening of the concrete products within. This reduces the hardening process from several weeks to just a few days, making in-line secondary processing and packaging a reality. Curing with QUADRIX® provides other benefits including; more consistent colouration and strengths, harder and more durable product corners and edges and even the possibility to reduce cement consumption by up to 10%.