Shooting of a Marketing Film in England

Bridge Beam Manufacturing For HS2: A Behind-the-Scenes Look
In the town of Melton Mowbray, a joint venture is taking place at the FTB facility. This venture, comprised of industry giants Freyssinet, Tierra Armada, and Roger Bullivant, has set its sights on producing prestressed bridge beams for the ambitious HS2 project, England‘s zero-carbon high-speed railway. Our journey into this fascinating project took us behind the scenes to witness and film our accelerated curing process in action. The heart of this venture is a state-of-the-art, custom-built 365-meter-long facility designed exclusively for manufacturing prestressed bridge beams for HS2.

The scope of the project is immense, and the facility itself is a testament to the scale of the project. Our role in this endeavor was pivotal. We provided the accelerated curing for the prestressed concrete beams using our containerized Vapor Generator, automatic Vapor Valves, and AutoCure® automated curing controls. These components work in synergy to ensure the quality and efficiency of the curing process. During the curing process, the elements are covered by a Kraft® tarp roller, attached to large moving cranes for stabilization. This device drapes the tarp over the molds with precision, ensuring coverage and providing an optimal curing environment. To achieve perfection in demolding, four Match-Cure ovens, one for each mold, are employed. These ovens play a critical role in determining the optimal moment to release the prestress elements, guaranteeing their structural integrity.


Our journey into this project began on a Thursday morning when we met with our videographer, Luke Gale. After undergoing essential safety instructions, we ventured into the production hall to capture the process in action. Luke brought an array of tools to document the process, including traditional and FPV drones, a GoPro, and a Sony cinema Line camera for ground-level shots. These tools allowed him to capture every detail of the manufacturing process.

Luke‘s drones provided a bird‘s-eye view of the entire plant, allowing us to witness all stages of production. The clear skies at the beginning of the day gave Luke an opportunity to capture stunning footage of the cured beams in the storage yard. He filmed the casting of a beam in bed 1, capturing the entire process. Once this was completed, his camera turned towards the tarp roller as it swung into action. This process was recorded via time-lapse with a GoPro and via drone. With the tarp roller‘s job complete, the Vapor Generator sprang into action, initiating the curing process. Luke was there to capture every moment as the technology worked its magic.

After a long day of filming, Luke agreed to return for the demolding of a cast beam. The footage he captured will soon be edited into a comprehensive film that promises to be an invaluable tool for our sales and marketing team. The film will provide a unique insight into how the Kraft accelerated curing process is seamlessly integrated into production and how this system benefits the entire production process of large prestress concrete elements. Stay tuned for the unveiling of this behind-the-scenes video!