Convect-Air System

The perfect accompaniment to a carousel concrete wall production plant.

One of India’s largest precast property developers is now adding three additional Convect-Air systems to their already extensive catalogue of Kraft Equipment. The three sets of ConvectAir heating and circulation units, AutoFog humidity addition systems, and exhaust ventilators are now being installed into the recently completed curing chambers. The insulation and air circulation ducting were supplied locally by the customer, minimizing the scope of imported materials.

The ConvectAir system is a popular choice amongst precasters because of the low maintenance requirement and the economical way in which it quickly hardens precast elements. Accelerated and controlled hardening not only improves product quality, it also reduces the need for large wet storage areas and allows forms/pallets to be returned to casting quickly. 

CONVECT-AIR®️ by KRAFT CURING accelerates the curing process through controlled heating of the circulated curing chamber air. The system is designed for raised temperature curing of wet-cast concrete products hardening in steel moulds/forms. ConvectAir can be retrofitted into any existing carousel system because of the numerous design and layout possibilities.